New Products

Trap-Eze™ 2 Gallon Disposable Trap

Our new 2 Gallon Disposable Plaster Trap

More Convenience and less hassle!

The new Trap-Eze™ 2 Gallon Disposable Trap has been designed to fit in tighter spaces as compared to our other 3 1/2 and 5 gallon traps. Its smaller size also means a reduced overall weight when full.

Our 2 gallon trap slots right into our already great lineup of traps, making it useful in Dental Laboratories, Medical offices, Ceramic Clay and Pottery facilities, Hobby, Craft and Workshops, Industrial and Food Preparation facilities.

Features and Benefits:

  • Small footprint (9 1/2″ H x 10″ W) makes it easy to fit in smaller under-sink spaces
  • Ships as a 2 pack (Regular bucket and refill)
  • Lightweight design makes removing a full bucket simple and easy for anyone
  • Economical trap systems designed to slow water discharge flow rate and allow sediment to settle out of waste water
  • Fast and easy installation and trap replacement
  • No permanent traps to clean or messy liners
  • Made in the USA


For HAPPIER Hands Today!

If you’re tired of wearing gloves all day and having to deal with dry, cracked hands after use, then you need Glove Comfort!

Glove Comfort was designed to help lock-in your skins natural moisture while in the sometimes harsh environment of being stuck in a glove all day. Most lotions attempt to replace natural moisture with artificial moisture. That requires constant reapplying of lotion because your skin actually starts supplying less of its own moisture. With Glove Comfort you can eliminate this issue, keeping your hands fresh, moisturized, and “happier” during glove use.

Features and Benefits:

  • Waterproof- Will not wash off
  • Comes off naturally with exfoliated skin cells

  • Fragrance and colorant free

  • Hypo-Allergenic
  • Helps retain your own natural moisture

U2 Boil & Bite Mouthguard

The shock absorbency of Urethane with the non-shreddability of EVA

Why U2 Boil & Bite Mouthguard?

Because U2 is made of EVA Encapsulated Urethane. It provides the best aspects of both materials. The shock absorbency of Urethane and the non-shreddability of EVA.

Because U2 is designed specifically for athletic mouthguards only. U2 is not available in clear. It has a white core and various colors are available.

Because U2 as a Dental practice should recapture your share of the athletic mouthguard business. Only a Dentist has the knowledge and care to fabricate a near perfect mouthguard.

Because even a Boil & Bite Mouthguard should be fabricated by the dentist. Look at the instructions on any Boil & Bite Mouthguard and U2 will see the hazards of making a Boil & Bite at home. Hazards such as boiling water temperatures, technique and complexity can all pose issues to the end user.

Because U2 adds a Boil & Bite Athletic Mouthguard to your practice armamentarium.

Because only U2 is just available through Dental Dealer Channels only. It is not sold in chain stores, sports stores or Big Box stores.

Order from Buffalo Dental- your order will be shipped through your dealer.

Abbott-Robinson™ Dust Shield Burs

Protect and extend the lifetime of your handpiece.

Exclusive and Patented Abbott-Robinson™ Dust Shield burs keep about 95% of dust and grit from entering a handpiece, which prolongs handpiece life by preventing contaminants from making their way inside!

In a lab situation, there can be many different types of grit and dust that are created from different procedures. All that grit and dust can make it to the gears and motor, which recent CDC tests have shown, if not protected. This will not only carry over to the next procedure, but ruin your handpiece in the process. Abbott-Robinson™ Dust Shield burs conveniently cover the chuck opening, as shown by the images below, preventing dust and grit from entering the collet and contaminating the gears and motor. This lowers the chance of cross contamination significantly, extending the lifetime of your handpiece, and most importantly SAVING YOU MONEY!

Features and Benefits:

  • For use on plastics, ceramics, porcelain, plaster, acrylic, stainless steel, etc. Lab burs are NOT for Intraoral use!
  • Dust Shield shanks protect expensive handpiece spindles, bearings, and chucks by covering the chuck opening blocking out damaging dust and debris
  • Up to 90% reduction of contamination inside the front of the handpiece lowers handpiece maintenance costs and increases uptime
  • USA-manufactured instruments feature ultra-fast cutting and long-lasting edges to save you time and money

The Dynamic Duo

Two of our most popular units combined into one complete system!

Want to save space? Save time? AND Save money?

The combination of the high-powered, reliable, V35 Electric Handpiece system and the effective, time-saving ThermaKnife will keep your lab bench organized, and keep you productive. Not only that, it will keep money in your pocket…

Features and Benefits:

  • Four Multi-Speed options (14k, 22k, 27k, 35k rpm) allows for ideal speed selection for most cutting needs.

  • High-Torque motor provides smooth operation and powerful performance with less operator fatigue.
  • Fully adjustable temperature control for precise cutting action. Cutting tip heats ultra-fast to save time and eliminate waiting.

  • A & B selection switch allows for the use of two different Thermal Pens to reduce time and increase trimming productivity.

  • Lightweight pen features an ergonomic design and sharp, permanent tip for improved comfort and control.

The Dust Containment Unit

The Solution to dust and debris from handpiece grinding.


Enhance safety for you and your assistant with the new Buffalo Dental Manufactuing Dust Containment Unit. The D.C.U for short, is an enclosed unit featuring an internal light, suction fan and filter system that will allow you to use the included V35 Handpiece System in a more sanitary and safe environment.

Ideal for a dentist to use in a mini-lab or backroom.

Features and Benefits:

  • Small size (11″ W x 12″ D x 8 1/2″ H) fits easily on countertops
  • High Powered, reliable, 35,000 RPM V35 Electric Handpiece System ideal for most cutting and grinding needs
  • High-Torque handpiece system provides smooth operation and powerful performance
  • Hinged top window and internal light fixture provide bright illumination for clear viewing
  • Dual, wide hand holes allow comfortable hand positioning and access to large workspaces
  • Efficient suction fan and filter collect damaging grinding debris and maintain quiet operation
  • High capacity internal filter that is fully replaceable
  • Additional 120 V AC Power outlet on back of the unit for operating electric devices
  • Hinged rear door for easy cleaning
  • Convenient handpiece clip on top of unit to keep your handpiece at the ready